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Wisdom of students

Today I was invited to speak with a group of 80 high school students.

School hasn't even started, and yet there they all were.  They had volunteered to come in to school and learn about how to be a peer support. As part of their training, I was invited to speak for an hour about how to support fellow students with autism. I so remember being that age and signing up to be a peer tutor (as we called it in the USA) myself.  I remember wishing someone could have give us some practical advice and guidance.

At the end of the hour, I gave each table group a piece of paper and challenged them to list 5 things they could do to be supportive of a fellow student with autism. Wow!  They really synthesised the information.
5 ideas from high schoolers for supporting peers with ASD
Here is what they wrote:

Write things down / Live subtitles / Write down what you are saying /Write down instructions for  clarity