Professional Development for Teaching Aides

We are thrilled to be selected as a PLD provider for te Tāhuhu o te Tātauranga / Ministry of Education as part of the $1000 per teaching assistant scheme. which has has been extended to the end of 2024.

You can register for any of our webinars and workshops at our Humanitix booking page The funding is only for teacher aides, but others can still enroll by selecting the private pay ticket option.

You can sign up to our mailing list to get reminders about upcoming events here

Step 1- Select your webinar or workshop

All of our current offerings are listed below and at our Humanitix page. You also can email us at to request a custom webinar for 4+ people or workshops for 7+ people. Self-paced pre-recorded options are also available for individuals.

Step 2 - ARN - Application Reference Numbers

Select your course and apply through the Ministry of Education for an ARN. You will need to do this for each webinar/workshop.

When the Ministry of Education sends you an approval letter, there will be an ARN (Application Reference Number) at the top of the letter in the format of Teacher Aide-PLD-App-XXXXXXXX - when you book tickets for your workshop or webinar, you will need this number to book your ticket. There is a different number for each course, webinar, or workshop. Please also forward on your email from the Ministry to once you receive it.

Step 3 - Book your ticket through Humanitix

All of our webinars and workshops bookings are done through Humanitix Select either ARN or private pay when selecting your ticket type.

Step 4 - Location or zoom link will be sent to you

Typically we send this information out a week before hand and reserve the right to cancel if we don't meet our minimum numbers for an event. Also, please cancel at least 7 days before the event to avoid us invoicing the Ministry for the booking.


In-Person Workshops - $300 in Wellington / $425 outside of Wellington (plus GST)

We are planning several 4-hour workshops on the following 4 topics. The workshops may not go into as much depth into each topic as the individual online webinars, but most people would likely either choose to do a workshop or a combinations of online webinars.

We are planning workshops during term breaks in Wellington and Christchurch. We are open to other locations if you have a group of at least 7 people who are keen.

Workshops in Wellington are $300 (GST excl) per person and those in other regions $425 (GST excl) per person.

Workshop tickets can be found here

Workshop 1 - Supporting student’s communication and language skills

POSTPONED Wellington - Tuesday 4 July 2023 - postponed due to low enrollment. We'll reschedule for later in the year .

Workshop 2 - Practical skills and knowledge to support neurodivergent students with a focus on ADHD, autism, and language delay

This workshop is similiar to workshop 1, however it has a stronger focus on neurodiversity.

Wellington - Wednesday 5 July 2023, 10:00-2:30 with a lunch break

Christchurch - Tuesday 11 July 2023 - 10:00-2:30 with a lunch break

Workshop 3 - Early communication / literacy workshop - for those working with students at or below level 1 of the curriculum - this will cover all ages

Wellington - Tuesday 26 Sept 2023 - 10:00-2:30 with a lunch break Tickets

Workshop 4 - Literacy and executive function workshop for those working at intermediate & secondary level


Wellington - Tuesday 3 Oct 2023 - due to low enrollment this course has cancelled. Please sign up for the workshop on the 26 Sept.

Online webinars - $100 plus GST

All online webinars are $100 plus GST per person. If there is a group of 7 or more people who would like to take a course together on a different date, please let us know.


Learning Support focus

Social and communication underpinnings to behaviour - for tickets click here

Anxiety and communication - for tickets click here

Supporting social connections with students who find playing with peers, group work, and interacting with peers tricky - for tickets click here

Visual supports on the fly:how to support our students understanding by making our language more visual - for tickets click here

Executive functioning: how do I support and teach my students the skills needed to tackle school work and school expectations - for tickets click here

Comprehensive Literacy for older students - who do not yet know most of their letters, most of the time for tickets click here


Neurodiversity focus

Autism and language development – so my student repeats scripts (echolalia), what does this mean and what should I do? for tickets click here

Neurodiversity affirming behavioural support - so praise and consequences aren’t working, what next? for tickets click here

Neurodiversity – introductory level - practical introduction for those new to working with this group of tamariki - so praise and consequences aren’t working, what next? for tickets click here

Neurodiversity – Intermediate level - including autism, ADHD, and language delays - for tickets click here

Neurodiversity – Advanced level - including autism, ADHD, and language delays for tickets click here


Supporting students with minimal speech or who use assistive technology and AAC

What comes before words? How to support communication development for students who aren’t yet talking - for tickets click here

Developing language in everyday moments - for tickets click here

AAC 101– how to support language development for students with minimal vocal speech - for tickets click here

AAC – Intermediate – so my student has a communication device/system, now what? - for tickets click here

How to enrol as a teacher aide

  1. Select your courses which could be from Inclusive Communication as well as other providers
  2. Ensure that you have an Education Sector Log in (directions here)
  3. Complete the Ministry of Education application process
  4. Once you are approved, you will get an application reference number (ARN)
  5. With your ARN, you can register for any of our webinars and workshops through Humanitix. Dates for our courses will be listed on Humanitix and on our website as they are confirmed.
  6. We will invoice Ministry of Education directly following the course

If courses do not have sufficient numbers 7 days prior to the event, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the event.