Our current courses

  1. Word Explorer
  2. Word Combiner
  3. Conversation Navigator

If you are interested in one of these courses, please register your interest by emailing courses@inclusive-communication.co.nz and indicate which of the course(s) you are interested, where you could likely attend (Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Porirua or Wellington), and if you prefer online or in-person.

1- Word Explorer

This course looks at supporting the journey towards understanding the concept of a ‘word’ and those learning their first 20 words.

Ideal if you are supporting someone is still learning their first words. This could include spoken words, sign language, certain gestures, or words represented by a picture or photograph.

Topics include

2 - Word Combiner

This course focuses on helping someone learn how to combine words, mini sentences, and tell mini-stories.

Ideal for communication partners of someone who probably knows at least 50 words and/or is starting to combine words.

Topics include

This course can shift its focus between how to support people who communicate primarily with speech and people who augment their speech with picture symbols, speaking technology, or sign language.

3 - Conversation Navigator

This course focuses on helping someone learn how to start a conversation, keep it flowing, and wrap it up. It also includes strategies for how we can make conversations less stressful for others.

Ideal for communication partners of someone who easily speaks in sentences, but finds conversation tiring, tricky, or confusing.

Topics include

Our course format

Our courses focus on supporting communication partners develop their confidence, understanding, and skills when interacting with people at different stages of language development.

They are designed to supplement existing courses offered by Autism NZ,, Ministry of Education (for example Incredible Years,), and Ministry of Health (for example Explore's courses)

Course content focuses on English, however the principles apply to other languages as well.

Our background is in speech-language therapy, assistive technology, and linguistics. We strive to uphold values of the neurodiversity movement.