Please help us help you!

We strive to put your child and their communication needs first and foremost.  To help us do this, we try to keep scheduling and billing as straightforward as possible.  It comes down to working together to do our best to show up when we say we will and communicate when needed.  More details regarding our cancellation and payment policies can be found under rates.

We also strive to keep your information private and have a clear media policy.

Privacy policy

Clinical information shared during assessments and treatment sessions is treated as confidential, with the following exceptions:

  • When you give your consent,
  • When required by a court of law, and
  • In cases of suspected neglect or abuse.

I also share relevant clinical anecdotes, stripped of all identifying information, in the following situations:

  • When sharing techniques, resources, and information other clients have found useful.  Clinical stories and anecdotes are powerful to help change attitudes and also help other families feel less isolated. We limit the use of such information sharing to situations in which it is reasonable to assume that information is pertinent, unlikely to be found independently, and unlikely to be linked to a specific individual. 
  • During conversations with a clinician's professional support network who also abide by the same rules of confidentiality. I engage in peer supervision and discuss clinical practice with my clinical superivsor several times a year.   For example, "I am looking for ways to make it easier for a primary school child to move quickly between the keyboard page and the core vocabulary pages on his device. We have tried this, this, and this but are finding these problems. Any ideas?"

Often it is beneficial to collaborate and consult with other professionals who know and are currently working with our clients.  If you would like us to be able to discuss your specific case with others, please email us so that we have that in writing. We strongly believe in communication and collaboration between other health and school professionals whenever possible.

Media policy

Photos and videos are frequently used as part of therapy. These files are treated as confidential and are not shared unless the client or parents/guardians sign a release form.

Media on this website is protected and and all rights are reserved.  It should not be copied, altered, re-used,  or downloaded without express written permission from Inclusive Communication Ltd.  Unless of course the photo is of you or your immediate family, in which case, by all means please save a copy for yourself if you don't already have one.

On this website, including the blog, only photos that capture positive moments in a respectful manner are included.   Identifiable photos are only posted with the express, written permission of clients or their parents.  Unidentifiable photos in which a client's face is obscured due to camera focus, angle, and/or image size are only used if permission has previously been given for educational purposes.

If anyone  recognises themselves in a photo and wishes it to be removed from this site, they are welcome to contact us to request us to do so. Thank you to the many families who have kindly given permission for Shannon Hennig and/or Inclusive Communication to share photos of themselves or their children. 

Ethical standards

As a member of both the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association (NZSTA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA),  I abide by their  codes of ethics which can be viewed here and here.  Where these codes differ, I defer to the code pertinent to the relevant geographic region. 

Speech-language therapy is now a self-regulated registered profession,  the NZSTA encourages the public to only work with speech-language therapists who are registered members of the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association. 

Child Protection Policy

Child dignity, safety and wellbeing are paramount.  When working with schools and other organisations our first point of contact is the site's designated person for child protection whenever possible, however we retain our responbility to report concerns.  We strive to use clinical judgment and are aware that many indicators of neglect or abuse are in fact solely related to medical conditions and various disabilities.  You can find our current policy here. 

Health and Safety Policy

We aim to use common sense and balance a need for safety with adventure, fun, and reasonable risks taking during play.  You can find our current policy here. 

Changes to these policies

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions as needed.