From time to time I write letters to our local leaders highlighting areas of need/success and research with a hopes to inform the development of policies that benefit the populations I serve. Here is an edited version of what I sent

To whom it concerns;

I would like to share some key informati...

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Examples of Phrasal Verbs

If English is your second language, my apologies in advance.

You likely already know what a phrasal verb is and may even have some strong negative emotions towards this topic of study! You may have stacks of flash cards and lists of phrasal verbs. You may even occasionally find yourself avoiding these phrases and secretly feeling a bit of a thrill when you nail them.

If English is your first language, well I suspect that you, like me, never have heard of this term, unless you studied English or have attempted to teach English as a second language.

I am beginning to think that they are something we should be thinking a lot more about in the AAC world.

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