We have some new protocols to help keep everyone safe

We all have do some new things to keep each other safe. Currently it is not possible to be 100% sure if someone is or isn't contagious, however there are many simple things we can do to keep the risk low.

Before each session, we need to confirm a few details

Please complete this form which asks for your name and best contact detail in case contact tracing is necessary. This information is kept confidential and separate from our other records. We will only use it if asked for it by the official contact tracers. We will delete this information after 4 weeks.

As part of this form, we also need to check that everyone is well and that no one has been exposed to COVID-19.

Contact tracing log form

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Last year I submitted a written submission to the Education Select Committee.

Too many of my clients are falling through the cracks and the Education Update is a timely opportunity for the policymakers to get things right. We have a long way to go, but we also have some great things to build on.

Today I had the chance to do an oral submission. I am much more accustomed helping others speak, so I was rather nervous doing the speaking myself.

Hopefully they heard my 3 main points:

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