We have some new protocols to help keep everyone safe

We all have do some new things to keep each other safe. Currently it is not possible to be 100% sure if someone is or isn't contagious, however there are many simple things we can do to keep the risk low.

Before each session, we need to confirm a few details

Please complete this form which asks for your name and best contact detail in case contact tracing is necessary. This information is kept confidential and separate from our other records. We will only use it if asked for it by the official contact tracers. We will delete this information after 4 weeks.

As part of this form, we also need to check that everyone is well and that no one has been exposed to COVID-19.

Contact tracing log form

We cannot offer in-person sessions if YOU or anyone you have been in CLOSE CONTACT WITH (i.e., 1 metre for more than 1 minute, 2 metres for more than 5 minutes) is suspected of having the virus. This is why we need to ask you the following questions:

we need to make sure that no one is sick or has been in isolation or been overseas or waiting for a COVID test or positive for COVID

During the appointment, we need to make sure everything is clean

We will be carrying hand sanitiser, paper towels, and sanitising wipes for objects like iPads. We will also be limiting what we bring with us into sessions.
rules for during appointments

We would greatly appreciate being able to use a sink if possible. We will use hand santiser between our car and your front door.

After our sessions, we need to be told if anyone in your family becomes sick

We work with many people who are at risk of developing serious complications from COVID including diabetes and heart conditions. It is imperative that if we are exposed to COVID, that we can immediately cancel any future appointments with these families.

We can only do this if everyone quickly tells us if any one has been exposed to or becomes sick with COVID-19

Please call us promptly if  anyone in your family develops a cough or fever or sore throat or running nose or is in isolation or is tested for COVID in the 14 days after our appointment


We will continue to offer remote sessions through telepractice. This is open to everyone at any time. You do not have to give a reason.

Many families are prefering telepractice at this time for a variety of reasons. They are more affordable given that there are no travel costs. Some clients are finding this way of working to be more effective for their goals. It is possible to schedule shorter, more frequent sessions and it is more likely that we will have a time that fits your availability.

In person appointments are only possible if both you and our clinicians are symptom free and have had no known contact with COVID. If anyone isn't feeling 100% well or you have any doubts, we can easily switch to a telepractice session - just give us a couple hours notice so we can organise it.

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