During this pandemic rāhui, many of our students are attending school remotely as are their support professionals. My students are reporting that their school and work Zoom meetings are really tricky:

  • People can't hear their AAC
  • People can't see when they are composing
  • It is really hard to jump into the conversation

This won't fix everything, but here are two videos demonstrating of how I use screen mirroring apps to connect my iPad based AAC to the laptop during a Zoom meeting.

How to use iPad based AAC during a zoom call

Note - the Zoom host has to allow you to share your screen and this might not work if your teacher is currently sharing their screen.

How to set up screen mirroring

Once you have a screen mirroring application installed (I am using Reflector 3) and after a bit of practice, I can connect my iPad and laptop in less than a minute. You need fine motor control and to be able to match 4 numbers - so if this is hard, you might need a support person to help set you up.

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