From time to time I write letters to our local leaders highlighting areas of need/success and research with a hopes to inform the development of policies that benefit the populations I serve. Here is an edited version of what I sent

To whom it concerns;

I would like to share some key informati...

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Last year I submitted a written submission to the Education Select Committee.

Too many of my clients are falling through the cracks and the Education Update is a timely opportunity for the policymakers to get things right. We have a long way to go, but we also have some great things to build on.

Today I had the chance to do an oral submission. I am much more accustomed helping others speak, so I was rather nervous doing the speaking myself.

Hopefully they heard my 3 main points:

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Today I was invited to speak with a group of 80 high school students.

School hasn't even started, and yet there they all were. They had volunteered to come in to school and learn about how to be a peer support. As part of their training, I was invited to speak for an hour about how to support fell...

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Video Explainers

15th Apr 2016 Videos

So it has been a very busy year here.... and the blog has been left to languish more that I would have liked.

But I have been busy recording a series of informal videos describing various techniques I used on a regular basis. If you want to check them out, they can be found over at my youtube...

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A few GailVanTatenhove came to New Zealand a few years back, I fell in love with the Pixon™ Projectas another great tool to have in my tool kit.

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