Have you been wondering about your carbon footprint? I took some time this January to do some calculations (and discover some tools and resources) to see if the decisions I am making are lining up with my goal to reduce the carbon footprint of providing speech-language therapy in my community.

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Once again, we are collectively thinking about emergency situations. The most front of mind for me at the moment is the Australian Bushfires that have been raging for months now.

Here are a list of a few source of visual supports

  • Massachusetts's Show Me flip book, visuals, apps, and other...

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I attended and presented at ISAAC 2018 on the Gold Coast recently.

One of my highlights was getting to share the creative collaboration between a local puppeteer and myself. This art project support adults with intellectual disabilities to design and create larger than life puppets. We used...

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Gabrielle Hogg is an autisticadvocate and AAC user based in New Zealand. She blogs over at [AutismoGirl], post Facebook, and also is on twitter.

A few years ago we co-developed a one page handout to help psychologists, counsellors, and other clinicians support autistic people and those who use AAC part or full time.

There are many standard practices that work well for neurotypical people that can be challenging for autistic people, people with language disorders, or those with other communication impairments.

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A much needed conversation is happening at the moment regarding sexual abuse and assault. From the #metoo conversation to the trial giving voice to the hundreds of young gymnasts, we are collectively thinking about sexual assault.

We also know that for those with disabilities, there is additional...

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